Friday, 20 December 2013

Tips about Roof Repair everyone should know

Home sweet home. But this home will be hell if it got problem like leaky roof. It creates a very uncomfortable stage in home. Minor roof repair can be done by yourself rather than calling a professional for it. It saves both your time and money. I am not saying that it is easy but you should try for this.

Tile Roof Repair

Shake Roof Repair

First of all check your roof and spot the leaking point. Clean that place nicely. Don’t stand near the damaged place. Stand at a safe distance from it or it will get more damage to your leaky point. If you have shingles roof then remove the damaged shingle by taking out the nails. After that place a new shingle and nail each upper corner of it. Then cover every site of it with roof cement. Roof cement is the basic product for repairing leaky roofs.
Spanish Tile Roofs

In the case of damaged shake roofing remove the shake by using hammer and chisel. If the shake is in a good figure for reuse, then just cutoff the old nails and use it like a new one or just cut a new shake. Place it, nail it and then seal it with cement or other caulking material. Most of the trouble starts from jointing area like chimney and vent pipe. So check them regularly. If you notice cracks in there, then repair it by using roof cement or other roof repairing materials which are easily available in market. 

If the problem is out of your reach then just use temporary remedies like plastic sheet and roofing paper to fix it and call a roof repair company like us to help in sorting out the issue. Christmas time is coming, so there will be a lots snow fall outside. So check out properly and enjoy your Christmas holiday.