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How Sex With Your Partener on Top of The Roof

Wood shingle roofs were once treated as one of the special kinds of roofing systems. They have now become a top choice for home owners who don’t seem satisfied with common roofing systems like slate or asphalt shingle roofs. Most of the building professionals and architects prefer wood shingle roofing for its beauty and natural appeal. It not only suits the surrounding area but also improves the landscape.  

Wooden shingles cost more but they give better performance in regions where possibility of damage is more due to high speed wind or hailstones. Though they are susceptible to splitting, rotting and warping, still you can avoid them all with perfect care and maintenance. 

An average slate or asphalt roof usually requires less maintenance when it is installed on the root top. They start to degrade under the effects of rain, sunlight, wind and snow. By controlling the moss, you can be sure that this roof lasts for long time which can’t get extended further. However, good care and maintenance can help increase the life of wood shingle roofs, as reported by, the reliable and speedy roof repair service company on the West Coast area.   Make sure a good roof care program is in effect as it will increase the life of your roof and help you save in cents or dollars by making your roof plan cost-efficient. 

Many expert roofing contractors like, and often recommend some useful tips that would keep your wood shingle roofing in good condition and make it last a few years more. They are as follows:

Tip 1 – 

Keep your gutter free of waste and remove any hanging tree branches from your roofing to keep the shingles in good condition. Use chlorine with water or any other cleaning solvent to clear molds, lichen and moss. 

Tip 2 - 

Whether your wood shingle roofs are made of red cedar or any other variety, don’t leave it uncovered. Apply preservative chemicals with a brush to prevent them from rot or damage. Also keep an additional bundle of wood shingles during roof installation so that they can be used later. 

Tip 3 –

If the shingles get curled, you can make it flat by keeping under any heavy object or brick before fixing it to the roof cement again. You can show the curled ends to the flame coming out from the nozzle of a propane torch to help them get heat and softened as well. Avoid showing it in excess flame and burning it finally. Make the edges flat while they are warm and use cement to them before putting back on the roof once again. 

Tip 4 –

 If there are small cracks on shingles, think of repairing them than going for a replacement. Take out loose chips and use galvanized roof nails to pin down the remaining large particles. Make sure the nail heads don’t pierce into the roof surface otherwise it might get damaged. Apply roof cement on both the nail head and crack on shingles.

Tip 5 –

For large size cracks you should take a sheet metal for patching. Drive the metal sheet metal under the cracked wooden shingle, until the upper surface of the patch goes beyond the top edge of the leak or crack. Pin down the roofing particles with galvanized nails, being push them hard inside the shingle, otherwise the surface might get damaged. Cover the patched crack and nails with roof cement materials. 

Tip 6 – 

Pull down and out all the shingles that can’t get repaired. Apply your fingers to move them and keep the adjacent ones unaffected.

Tip 7-

Remove all the broken shingles and cut the nails that are holding them with the hacksaw.  But don’t harm the deck lying underneath. 

If you want to gather more details regarding the maintenance and care of your wood shingle roof, then feel free to contact Affordable Roof Repair  at anytime. They will guide you with more simple and easy tips and roofing solutions.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Tips about Roof Repair everyone should know

Home sweet home. But this home will be hell if it got problem like leaky roof. It creates a very uncomfortable stage in home. Minor roof repair can be done by yourself rather than calling a professional for it. It saves both your time and money. I am not saying that it is easy but you should try for this.

Tile Roof Repair

Shake Roof Repair

First of all check your roof and spot the leaking point. Clean that place nicely. Don’t stand near the damaged place. Stand at a safe distance from it or it will get more damage to your leaky point. If you have shingles roof then remove the damaged shingle by taking out the nails. After that place a new shingle and nail each upper corner of it. Then cover every site of it with roof cement. Roof cement is the basic product for repairing leaky roofs.
Spanish Tile Roofs

In the case of damaged shake roofing remove the shake by using hammer and chisel. If the shake is in a good figure for reuse, then just cutoff the old nails and use it like a new one or just cut a new shake. Place it, nail it and then seal it with cement or other caulking material. Most of the trouble starts from jointing area like chimney and vent pipe. So check them regularly. If you notice cracks in there, then repair it by using roof cement or other roof repairing materials which are easily available in market. 

If the problem is out of your reach then just use temporary remedies like plastic sheet and roofing paper to fix it and call a roof repair company like us to help in sorting out the issue. Christmas time is coming, so there will be a lots snow fall outside. So check out properly and enjoy your Christmas holiday.